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Why SMBs and entrepreneurs are choosing digital Marketing

A businesswoman working on digital marketingSmall businesses usually have equally small budgets, so they have to make every penny count. Digital marketing is a great option for making the most out of their limited money.

Reportedly, about 80% of customers expect businesses to have an online presence, and they also expect to engage with brands and have some level of interaction with them. Marketing support services have expanded their services to join the internet era, Millennials, and Social Media revolution.

Small businesses have taken advantage of these options, expanding their marketing in ways they would have never imagined 10 years ago. The whole process itself has become easier through marketing automation and the vast possibilities inbound marketing and social media platforms represent, though it’s complexity can be a bit challenging for those without a marketing background.

Though marketing support services, many SMBs have been able to thrive thanks to:

The power of quality content

From blogs, videos and social media posts and even newsletters, quality (and relevant) content have proved to be an amazing asset for small businesses to get their stories, products, and services out there, next to the big companies.

Content that can manage to engage target audiences has become a real game changer for many businesses marketing strategies.

Cost Effective

Compared to traditional marketing, a digital marketing strategy is significantly less expensive to implement. This is especially important for SMBs, which generally wouldn’t have big budgets to invest in their marketing efforts. New media presents a cheaper advertising option that better suits small businesses.

Higher ROI

Entrepreneurs and small businesses alike are betting on their brand’s digital outreach to increase their earnings potentially. Leads generated through brand exposure and awareness are more (and usually cheaper) with digital marketing. Also, the useful data that can be obtained from the campaigns represents a significant value as well.

For the first time, SMBs have a chance to compete with big companies thanks to the internet revolution. With some dedication, time and a little help from an agency or knowledgeable marketeer, small businesses have seen the benefits of having a good digital marketing strategy.