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Websites That Inspire: Ideas from the Best

web surfingWith so much to see, hear, and experience on the Web today, it’s a challenge for one website to stand out. If you have a business, project, or undertaking that needs to reach a wide audience and make a positive impact, a great website is an important thing to have.

Minnesota web design companies have slowly but surely built a solid reputation for creating effective websites that give businesses the digital edge. Aside from giving your product or service a presence online, an effective website places prominently in any search engine result page, draws in people, keeps them there for a significant period, and makes them come back time and time again.

Creating a website is something you can do using available online templates. Another option is to enlist professionals to build your website according to your needs and specifications.

If you are not sure how your website should look, you can get inspiration from those already existing, especially the ones that are drawing the highest traffic and getting the accolades. Don’t worry; they wouldn’t mind. After all, imitation will always be the highest form of flattery.

These websites are so good that they’ve won citations from several award-giving organizations such as Awwwards, The Webby Awards, and Think with Google, just to name a few. Here are some of the best sites out there regarding design, usability, interactivity, and value.

Virgin America

What makes this airline’s website stand out from its peers is its simple design that works. Virgin America’s website doesn’t overwhelm even the most non-tech-savvy among its clients, allowing them to navigate its pages with ease and giving them a fast and accurate response.


Feed is a digital security company that focuses on music and protecting users’ data and ideas. Its website’s landing page looks unique. Navigation is done mainly through scrolling.

L.A. Times

This is how news should be presented: simple, and easy to read and digest. The website’s newspaper-like design gives it a familiar feel, making navigation to its various features seem familiar.

Inside Abbey Road

This highly interactive site offers the next best thing to visiting Abbey Road Studios.  Using great sound design, simple navigation mechanics, and outstanding visuals, the site makes visitors feel as if they are stepping inside the famed studio.


A company that sells footwear and accessories, its website reflects its products’ design aesthetics: minimalistic, elegant, timeless, quality. Much like the Google, ETQ’s website has removed all the frills to let its products speak for themselves – and they succeed.

Other sites push the boundaries of what is known to be possible on the Web, and for anyone needing to build their own, these will serve as great inspirations.