Website Design: How Do Colors Influence Your Site?

web designer workingAppealing to the emotions of consumers is a critical part of the whole marketing process. The use of colors can influence emotions, leading to brand growth and increased sales.

Colors affect people’s behavior differently, however. So it’s essential that you learn the colors most suitable for use in a website, depending on the nature of the business. Here are some tips from Sievers Creative and other web design experts in MN:


Traditionally, red means strength, passion, and love. According to research, this color heightens heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse rate resulting in a feeling of exhilaration and excitement. Since there are various shades and tints of red, you first need to understand your target audience before selecting. Older and mature people are attracted to dark red, while the brighter and more conspicuous red attracts the younger generation. Due to its bold nature, red should be utilized as an accent color to highlight something important such as a call to action.


Green mostly relates to life, environmental awareness, and earthliness, thus, bringing along a harmonizing and balancing effect. It’s best suited for natural products or nature-oriented websites. As such, you can use green if you’re in the fields of medicine, science, sustainable development, tourism, and recycling.


Purple ranks among the historical colors in that it conveys royalty. Purple is linked to imagination, wealth, and sophistication. You can use deep purple to express a sense of luxury and wealth, or light purple to signify intimacy, femininity, and romance. It’s ideal for use as a base color for websites selling luxurious products.

Various colors evoke a range of emotions, so colors should be carefully selected when designing a logo and a business website. Pick a web designer who understands the message your brand is taking to the world for them to match it with an appropriate color. This way, your website will have both aesthetics and conversion rates worth writing home about.