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Three Web Design Tips to Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your Site

  • By David Page 
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web designer testing websiteIn a perfect world, every web design client would be a happy client. However, in case a client’s website has high bounce rates, they might struggle to meet their goals.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who find their way into a website, looks at a single page and leaves without even interacting with it. A high bounce rate can lower your site’s lead generation, sales, conversions, revenue and even engagement. Lucky for you, you can lower your website’s bounce rates with the three tips below.

Make Your Website Fast

In visiting websites, visitor gratification means everything. In most cases, a potential customer will leave a slow website since they want to get the information they need quickly. It only takes a few clicks, and they can land on another page that will provide them with similar information. This need for speed doubles for visitors who are using smartphones.  Ask your web design agency in Jupiter, Florida to work towards making your website load fast enough to please your visitors.

Make Your Website Easily Navigable

Among the top reasons for high bounce rates among websites is that the sites are tough to navigate through. In fact, this can affect the rankings of such websites on the different search engines. To avoid killing your business with a low rank, make sure that the design you choose is navigable enough for any website visitor. Make sure that content and all other aspects of your website are well organized and easily traceable.

Make Your Site Responsive

Compared to a decade ago, mobile search has increased along with the increase of people who have smartphones. The chances are you will have high bounce rates if you have a site that malfunctions on mobile phones. Pay attention to how your content and website layout react to different screen dimensions and work to increase its responsiveness.

A high bounce rate can weaken your online business. They will cause reduced site credibility despite offering quality products and services. Use the tips mentioned above and get to enjoy increased lead generation.