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SEO Game Changers to Watch Out for This 2018

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SEO Analysts trying the new SEO trendsThe SEO landscape evolves more rapidly and dramatically with each year. Although it’s quite easy to pin it on technological advancements, certain changes are simply beyond that. Essentially, the things that work and don’t in SEO all boils down to how users search online.

With that said, here are some SEO game-changing trends that could either make or break your SEO campaign this 2018.

Voice Search is More Popular Than Ever

The demand for voice search isn’t going away anytime soon, and this is a perfect example of shifting online user behavior. As users depend more on Siri or Alexa to search for things, they’re essentially leaving the searching to these AIs. This means that aside from getting on the first page of SERPs, top search engine optimization specialists in Utah noted that you now have to appeal to these AIs so they’ll choose your website.

Hyper Intelligent Search Engines

A couple of years back, if you wanted to search for the lyrics of a song, you’d type in the song name and artist and Google would display several websites for you to choose from. Nowadays, if you do the same thing, Google would most probably answer your question straightaway right on the search page after you hit “enter.” This data-driven search strategy — when Google provides instant results instead of displaying relevant websites — changes the conventional SEO approach you’re still probably doing.

More Targeted Paid Ads

You probably know that the most successful SEO campaigns leverage a combination of paid and organic activities. While this rule still applies, it’s how users interact with paid ads that are changed. Displaying your products or services and/or business name in your ads means that your paid ads have to be as targeted as possible, with engaging descriptions and titles to get those clicks.

Fast As You Can

Today’s lightning speed 4G and broadband connections mean that users don’t have the time or patience to wait for a webpage to load. If your website is slow, users won’t hesitate to look at other websites. Additionally, be warned that Google is planning to release a huge update that would penalize slow-loading sites.

While the SEO world is rapidly evolving, the major elements stay the same — create a fast website with relevant and engaging content, offer excellent user experience, and throw in clear CTAs. You simply need to tweak your strategy to accommodate newer trends and ensure that your campaign is up-to-date.