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Quick SEO Tips and Tricks (If You’re Still Not Using It)

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SEOYou probably hear this a lot: that SEO is the new “it” thing of 2017 and 2018. Unfortunately, SEO is not as mainstream as it seems. There are still many businesses who have yet to hop on the digital marketing bandwagon.

Businesses have the responsibility of adapting to evolving consumer behaviors. With Millennials now expected to be the biggest spenders in the U.S. (with an estimate of $200 billion of annual expenditure), companies find ways to adjust their marketing approaches and tap into the shopping habits and decisions of the generation.

Accessibility Matters

With how people consume media and information today, SEO is a helpful tool to reach prospective customers and an audience that you might think you could not even attract.

According to StatCounter, mobile accounted for 51.3% of all web browsing activity, which overtook desktop’s numbers of 48.7%. Meanwhile, 60% of global consumers use their mobile devices as their main access to the Internet, says Internet Retailer.

These numbers present the importance of being an accessible company. People are on their phones more often than they are on their laptops or PCs so unless your brand has an online presence, you can become invisible to your potential market.

Apart from having a mobile-friendly website, having social media accounts can play to your advantage. If there’s a mobile app for it, your business should be on that platform. Interaction and engagement play a huge part in today’s advertising.

Content Is King

If people don’t know your business’ website, the first thing they will enter in search engines is a keyword. Keywords will lead them to web pages, reviews, or articles that contain these words. Out of the three, people will most likely click on an informative and useful article from a reliable source.

One study on Google’s rankings revealed that the first page of its SERPs (search engine results page) with the top spots included content with above 2,000 words. However, this is not to excess, and quality still matters.

Content, apart from containing related keywords placed logically and sensibly, should be substantial and well-written. Gone are the days when Google’s Penguin algorithm detected websites that do keyword stuffing as high-ranking pages.

With Google’s current algorithm, which includes more than 200 ever-evolving ranking signals, ranking on SERPs no longer has guarantees and does not happen overnight. It is, therefore, recommended to update your site with on- and off-page content strategies regularly. Once is not enough to please audiences, so content needs to be relevant, engaging, and educational.

Less Is Indeed More

Nobody has time to be updated with all the search engine trends. But the secret to understanding the complexities of SEO lies in having a good grasp of consumer behavior and buying decisions.

Today’s consumers lean towards quick and cohesive videos and images. With the constant wave of information delivered to people on a daily basis, your brand should catch their attention.

Knowing how consumers assess and choose products helps improve your SEO strategies. Information can engage audiences when they are delivered the way the target market wants.

Combining a good background of consumer behavior and SEO strategies will elevate your company’s online presence and take you closer to your prospective customers.