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Primary Intent and Search Engine Optimisation — What You Need to Know

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a business handshake at a meetingGone are the days when search engine optimisation (SEO) was all about using the right keywords and doing decent web design. With Google updating its search algorithms and heavily relying on machine learning, it is time to shift your SEO strategy and start focusing on search user intent.

When looking for a search engine optimisation agency in Australia, it is always wise to look for one that gives a future-proof plan and will not get you penalised in the future.

Google for the Reader

The right way to do SEO is by ensuring all your optimisation strategies favour the user. This is where primary user intent comes in. With the right searcher intent, your content or website will always answer the reader’s questions leaving them happy and satisfied.

Understanding User Intent

Primary intent is what the reader really wants when typing in a search phrase. For example, in a search phrase such as “best humidifiers for asthmatics” —

  • Best humidifiers: This is the primary intent. The reader wants information about the top humidifiers in the market.
  • For Asthmatics: This is the secondary intent. It focuses the user’s search, telling you what specific answer they want.

Understanding and addressing user intent lets you create content that will not only answer the reader’s questions but also lower your bounce rates.

What Fulfilling User Intent Does

With Google bots perfecting machine learning at such a fast rate, it would not be surprising if the regular Google bot can read your article and understand what you are talking about.

Since you are going to invest so much in the SEO strategy, it will not do you any good to do optimisation that will be phased out in a year or two.

SEO is all about meeting Google’s searches in the most accurate way possible. Any SEO strategy that does not focus on this is not something that you should spend your money on.