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Options for Magazine Cover Designs

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Newly-Printed MagazinesRunning a successful magazine takes more than getting the best articles, distributors, and the adverts. Many things influence the profit you reap from your online and print magazine. One of the critical factors that determine your magazine’s success is its cover.

The cover is after all the first thing your customers will notice. Its design will determine whether it gets readership. In Sydney, getting graphic designers to create your magazine’s cover is one way to achieve your target readership numbers. Here are some designs the experts might suggest for your magazine’s cover.

Image-based Designs

Most magazines have an image-based cover design. This design features people smiling at the camera. Celebrity, fashion and men’s magazines are the typical ones that use image-based covers. Travel magazines feature beautiful landscapes, and cooking magazines feature lovely meals.

Illustration-based Designs

The world is shifting toward illustrations. Using an illustration for your cover allows you to exude a funny, extraordinary and unique appearance. Illustration-based covers are for independently published magazines. You might opt for computer-generated illustrations in an attempt to save money. However, this will be a mistake since your magazine will look unattractive.

Typography-based Designs

These designs only feature texts. The typography used can be changed in different ways to create a unique design. Typography-based cover designs are good for conveying your message and convincing your audience. They have gained immense popularity nowadays with modern handwritten and calligraphy designs.

Choosing one of the given designs is essential to your magazine’s success. Rather than try to get the best design on your own, get graphic designers to help you. They will assess your magazine and recommend the best cover design for it. This way, you can achieve and even surpass your target readership.