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New Web Design Elements to Use for 2018

A web design graphicYou may have worked hard alongside a website design company in Croydon in 2017, and you have achieved a competitive edge in your market thanks to them. The year 2018 will be another matter entirely, however. Web users will want new elements out of websites. You can retain your competitive edge by watching out for and leveraging what may be powerful web design elements. Take a look at what you can use below:

Strike with Bright Colours

The year 2017 can be considered as the year of minimalist website design, particularly the use of white space. You can further improve upon this trend by using colours, text, and gradients that are bold, striking, and bright. This addition can add contrast with the white space in your website, immediately attracting a web user’s attention to important information or calls to actions.

Take Your Own Images

Aside from attention-grabbing text, you can also connect with your audience more through authentic images or illustrations. These images not only need to be high quality but tailored specifically to the function that you need them to perform. These images not only help with branding, but also for leading people to calls for actions.

Encourage Micro-Interactions

You can make web users frustrated, however, if all your calls for actions lead to new web pages. For 2018, you can leverage micro-interactions where users can easily interact with you in small ways without leaving the webpage they are in. For example, if they want to rate your product or give a testimony for your services, you can have a rating meter or comment box on your website.

Handcraft Your Entire Website

Finally, you can easily find website templates online, whether paid or free, but web users will invest more time in websites handcrafted to the brand of the company as well as to the needs of visitors. You can do this with your own website. The design company can help optimize your website entirely for 2018.

With the elements above, you can be ready to take on the new year. Don’t get left behind.