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Modern Ways to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

  • By David Page 
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SEO conceptMarketing requires all parts of your strategy to work well together to bring about company success. You may be focusing on SEO like any other business, but your SEO can only work so much for you unless you optimise your website as well.

To boost your SEO and your marketing efforts, you should consider making improvements on your website. Core Media Concepts explains that a reputable web design agency can help you do this in the following ways:

Feature a Video

Starting on your homepage, what do online users see first? You may have a menu right at the onset or a high-resolution photo. You can take things to the next level, however, by using a video landing page. Design your website to feature a video that auto-plays, and you can impress users when they visit.

How effective will this feature be? Increase in conversions will vary, but you will definitely see an increase. In fact, 70 percent of entrepreneurs in a 2017 study said that video brought more conversions compared to a simple, written content.

Animate Parts of Your Site

You can also use animation for website improvement. Although animation can be used for your video landing page, you can also use it through animated logos and GIFs. You can even incorporate animated calls to action that can grab online users’ attention.

Replace Graphics with Typography

Even with all the video and animated elements above, the written word still has a role to play. With the right typography, you can capture the attention of online users as well. In fact, you can follow the example of other companies who use one font throughout their website and who enlarge words to take the place of graphics.

With these tips, you can bring much improvement to your website. With the help of an experienced web design agency, you can improve your website to gain more leads and increase your chances of success.