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Mobile First Indexing: Understand the New Way Google Looks at Your Page

Woman using a mobile phone and laptopExpect Google to introduce new ways of challenging your online marketing strategies. One of these is mobile first indexing. To know why this is happening and how it can affect you, read the FAQs below.

What is mobile first indexing and why did Google do it?

To understand the concept of mobile-first indexing is to know how Google creates the search results pages (SERPs). The search engine uses a crawler, which looks at your website and “gathers” the pages relevant to a particular keyword.

For example, if you’re a company selling refurbished Apple products, your keyword may be “used iPhone X for sale.” When someone goes to Google and uses the term, your webpage could be one of those that appear on the list.

Depending on the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques used, you could be on top of the first page. For the longest time, Google has been using the desktop version of the web site to generate the SERPs and, thus, the ranks.

For this year (and most probably onward), the search engine will consider your website’s mobile version first. The reason is simple: more people are looking for things with their devices.

Can this affect the ranking of your website?

Yes, it will, but Google said the changes are going to be minimal. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean there’s no work to do. Google will be looking into signals from your mobile version, which includes speed, structured data, and content. All these can affect your ranking.

Simply put, if your mobile site is not doing well, you may not also rank the way you’d hope even on the desktop. Thus, it’s essential to work with reliable SEO companies such as Teams can monitor both desktop and mobile performances of your website.

When is this happening?

The answer is now. Google has already begun rolling out this new way of indexing. Not all websites have been enabled yet. To know if your site is one of those, you can check it at Google Search Console. You should see the enabled notification.

The message of this development is clear: if you have a website, make sure it has a mobile version. If it is already mobile, work with an SEO team that can optimize it well.