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How You Should Be Handling Your SEO Partnership

SEO with thumbs upWhen you’re working with an SEO agency, you’re eager to see results. They’ll give you a rough time frame of when you’ll start to see ranking changes. It’s all fun and exciting. You cannot wait, and every minute seems to count. The thing is, SEO rankings depend on several things. Your partner is not just working on one thing at a time. Here’s what to do to get the most of your SEO package:

Leave the Dashboard

An SEO company in Utah could give you access to a dashboard where you see everything every minute of the day, and that’s the problem. Sometimes, traffic fluctuates. This depends on several factors, including seasonality, trending news, and even weather changes. When you’re watching the dashboard like a hawk, you’ll be alarmed when you see a dip in traffic, which can be back up the next moment.

Set Realistic Expectations

SEO specialists are not magicians. They work on a schedule, but you cannot expect number one rankings in a week for competitive keywords. They are, however, called specialists for a reason. They know how to work with a strategy that gives you the maximum benefits you can get using the resources available. You’ll see progress, and it may be slow at first. Don’t be alarmed.

Understand the SEO Report

Each partnership with an SEO company involves a report. This may contain many things, depending on who you’re working with. Some companies want this report to be comprehensive and will squeeze in as many graphs and charts as they can, thinking that you’ll want to see those.

Too much information may make the report difficult to understand, though. If there’s something you want the report to focus on, talk to your partner about it. Next month’s report should be easier to grasp if you’re not looking at so many things at once.

Partnering with an SEO company to get things moving for your business is easy. It’s understanding what they’re doing that can sometimes be challenging.