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How Can You Effectively Redesign Your E-commerce Site?

ecommerce businessYour e-commerce website may already be showing signs of underperforming and loss of traffic. It might be time to redesign it to improve performance, generate clicks and convert at a higher rate.

Experts on small business web design and development cite the following ways you can redesign your e-commerce website.

Pay Attention to the Return on Investment

The focus of your redesign endeavour should be the return on investment. Does this feature make the process simpler? Does the navigation improve user experience? These are some of the questions you need answers to when trying to improve your site. The actions you take must direct to conversion, generate traffic and boost the bottom line.

Frequent Testing

You need to know if the improvements you make will give you a return on investment. This is when testing becomes important. Crawl the original and test sites. This allows you to identify key problems that need resolutions before the launch of your redesigned e-commerce site.

Once you have a test site, crawl it again and make sure the problems that came up in the original don’t re-appear. Once it’s clean, it might be time to unveil your new website.

Check for Redirects

After you crawl and test your new site, you might have to check for 404 pages. These dead links may detract visitors from browsing further. Once you identify these, you have to redirect the pages to the new content. Change the URL if you have to, this makes it easier for users to explore your website.

Consistent Content

Once you redirect links and change URLs, make sure the content in the new pages are relevant and consistent with the changes you made. This streamlines the process of buying and gives you a better chance of converting a visitor.

These are some of the redesigns and practices you can do to improve your e-commerce website. Implement these to get the results you want and reach your objectives.