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How a Small Business Can Grow Big

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A businessman workingA small business can remain small by choice or circumstance. If your business aims to get a bigger audience, you need to aim for a bigger market. Of course, that’s after you’ve already satisfied your small community. It’s their trust that will propel you forward.

How do you get their approval, you ask? Here are some things to follow:

Be Visible notes that local SEO for a small business is not just optional. It’s necessary if you want to survive in this competitive market in Denver. Even if you think you have a small market, if they are online, that’s where you should be, too.

Case in point: Did you know there are 3.1 million Americans following a gluten-free diet? The number is not what you would expect from a diet that’s supposed to help manage celiac disease, but what’s even more surprising is that over 70% of them do not suffer from celiac disease at all. These people might be looking for your gluten-free pizza, but because you weren’t visible, they had to look somewhere else for alternatives.

Be Active

Not being visible is just as bad as not being active. If customers don’t see you posting regular updates, they wouldn’t think your website or social media accounts are great sources of information. There should be someone manning these accounts to keep the contact information updated, and to post regular content that is relevant to your niche. That’s how you establish your role in the community.

Be Responsive

Now that you’ve got active accounts, the next thing you want to build is a connection with your customers. To do that, respond to their queries and requests. Address both positive and negative comments. Expressing your gratitude when someone writes a positive review is just as good as you expressing your apology when a negative review pops up. Reply promptly to relay the message that your customers are important to you.

As a small business, you think you’re at a disadvantage. But that’s only the case if you think small.