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Here’s How to Improve Your AdWords Campaigns

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Google AdWordsPaid campaigns are important to the success of your business; however, you’d want to get your money’s worth every time you use AdWords. Don’t just spend because you can, invest in the structure of your account, content and keywords to make the most of your campaign.

Denver-based AdWords experts cite the following techniques that allow you to utilize this tool effectively.

1. Restructure your account.

One of the reasons campaigns fail to maximize their potential is because of a poorly structured account. Unrelated keywords, ad groups and adverts lead to higher costs with little returns. Focus your strategy into a set of search phrases and groupings that are in a similar niche and target market.

Segmenting allows you to identify possible fluctuations and determine which campaign is more effective. Structuring your account this way enables you to maximize your budget and connect with your customers.

2. Focus on intent.

When a person inputs a query on Google’s search tab, they have different intentions; some want general information, others look for details, and a few are already buying once they see the results. These potential customers are at various points in the sales funnel.

It’s up to you to reach them and convert successfully. The keywords and ad groups you launch for campaigns reach a customer at their current intention.

For example, the phrase ‘top brand products’ might seem like a good set of keywords to pay ads on. However, the possible intention of those who typed it might be one of comparison first — and not purchase. Hard selling to them might get clicks but not a conversion or a closed deal.

3. Improve copy and images used.

The message you communicate will have either a positive or negative impact on the ad you’re running. Create copy that will attract the right customers and separate them from those not in your target audience. Write two big value propositions and messages; test which one works best and implement.

An effective AdWords campaign will do wonders for your conversion rate. Implement the techniques mentioned above to improve your campaigns and get the results you are looking for.