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Forms of Online Display Ads

Display advertising conceptDigital marketing is currently the most efficient platform for reaching your clients. There are various forms of online ads including PPC, remarketing, native, social media and display adverts. Display advertising is a category which uses logos, graphics, videos and other forms of rich media to get your message across.

The advertising agency in Jupiter FL you work with will typically recommend display ads to reach a market with specific characteristics and traits. The ads can be seen on different websites in several format and sizes. The professionals at Blue Gorilla Digital list some of the display ads that might benefit your online marketing campaign.


This is the most popular type of display ad. Remarketing will give you a chance to reconnect with people who visit your site as they browse different web pages. This constant exposure builds your brand’s awareness and trust and boosts your chances of closing a deal.

Target by Interest

This ad gives you an opportunity to target web visitors based on their interest categories on Google. There are two primary categories of interest targeting categories including affinity and in-market audiences. In-market audience ads target users who are actively searching for a particular service or product. Affinity audience ads focus on specific user categories as defined by Google based on their lifestyles, passion, and interests.

Target by Web Placement

This is one of the most efficient targeting display ads. It allows you to place your ad on relevant sites rather than letting Google choose the site for you to place the ads on. If you are selling sports equipment, for instance, you can place your display ads on websites related to sporting activities.

Most business owners are still skeptical about using display ads because of a misconception that it is expensive and has minimal ROI. The above display ads are however among those with the highest returns when used correctly. They will also considerably expand your reach and boost your brand awareness.