Distinguishing Features of a Responsive Web Design

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Planning of Website's DesignTechnology has evolved and now enables internet access across a variety of devices. Having a website that only fits on a desktop computer is not practical anymore. In fact, only about 10% of internet users now use desktop computers, with the majority using mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Having a website design that automatically fits your user’s device is now vital. Getting an expert such as CreativoMedia offering responsive web design services is the only guarantee to get a site that fits all devices. Here are the distinguishing features that set a responsive web design apart.

Fluid Grids

The term ‘fluid grid’ denotes a web layout coded in relative proportions rather than fixed pixel values used in conventional web design. The fluid grid typical of responsive web design hence uses percentages to adapt its content to different orientation and screen sizes. This ensures clear visibility of your site’s content, regardless of the user’s device.

Media Queries

These CSS technology elements allow you to design different layouts for various media, including print, TV, handheld devices, and screen.

Media queries will define different breakpoints that enable the CSS to meet specific conditions. If your content is, for instance, too large to fit a user’s screen, media queries will detect the change in site width and trigger the CSS to change your website’s dimensions.

Flexible Images

Your videos and images should change according to the resolution of the screen they are viewed on. Images and videos, however, have multiple pixel densities, which can be a challenge to navigate.

Your designer will use an appropriate HTML support for your pixel densities, which shrinks and enlarges your images as needed.

Some designers might try passing other types of web design as responsive. Responsive designs should, however, contain the three features mentioned above. Your designer might include other elements besides these to enhance your site’s functionality and user experience.