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Top Graphic Design Trends of 2018

In 2018, what’s old was new again. It’s been a great year for taking graphic design elements from the not-so-distant past and adapting them for the new millennium. For example, gradients, which were big in the 1990s, are again gaining traction. We saw more designers rebelling against the flat design and minimalism that has been […]

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Why Hire Web Design Professionals to Create Your Company Website

With the recent advent of user-friendly software to help develop your website, you may be considering handling it yourself to create your own company’s webpage. However, it’s still essential that you hire professionals to do it for you especially if it’s a business site. Read on, and you’ll realise the vital benefits of contacting the […]

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Top 3 Marketing Strategies for Any Business

Before a business even sets up shop, a lot of work has already gone underway. Putting up a company is no easy task, but not all of your hard work may pay off if you fail to brand your image effectively. In today’s age of social media, one misspelled word, or one wrong image can […]

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Business Marketing Using a Local and Blended Strategy

Salt Lake City is a hub for all sorts of businesses. They have a thriving market, and technology is deeply ingrained in certain aspects. A wise business owner would take advantage of the local talent pool and the robust market to boost sales. But is that easier said than done? It can be manageable if […]

Distinguishing Features of a Responsive Web Design

Technology has evolved and now enables internet access across a variety of devices. Having a website that only fits on a desktop computer is not practical anymore. In fact, only about 10% of internet users now use desktop computers, with the majority using mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Having a website design that automatically fits […]

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Options for Magazine Cover Designs

Running a successful magazine takes more than getting the best articles, distributors, and the adverts. Many things influence the profit you reap from your online and print magazine. One of the critical factors that determine your magazine’s success is its cover. The cover is after all the first thing your customers will notice. Its design […]

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An Artist’s Essential List for Reaching Out to Art Buyers

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what if there are no eyes upon your work, as an artist? Regardless of how you feel about this philosophical argument, the fact remains that no artist will thrive without their peers and supporters. Here are some ways to build your audience (and […]

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Tourism Marketing: Creative Ways to Boost Your Destination Online

When doing digital marketing for your destination, it is essential to have a profound plan. Engaging the services of an online marketing company is one way of increasing your chances of carrying out an effective campaign. You get specialised services that offer industry-specific solutions. They will implement a plan so you can monitor your goals […]

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Content is King! How Content Affects Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is making it possible for many businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed. Businesses have jumped on the digital social media bandwagon: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has made it possible for everyone to market any product. Indeed, online content has now become an instrument of business. Many businesses now use their websites to communicate to […]

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Study: US E-Commerce Sales to Surpass $506B in 2018

E-commerce companies in the U.S. should invest more in advertising and marketing strategies for this year and in the near future, as a new study predicted the continual growth of the online retail sector. If your business focuses in Utah, an ad agency like Red Rider Creative will help you gain more exposure online among your target customers. […]