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3 Primary Features of Minimalist Website Design

Regardless of the stage of growth and size of your business, there’s one website design style that will always work for you. This is the minimalist design. It centers on minimizing distractions that might divert your visitors from the overall message on your site. This, in turn, boosts your conversion rates and returns. Though putting […]

Website Design: How Do Colors Influence Your Site?

Appealing to the emotions of consumers is a critical part of the whole marketing process. The use of colors can influence emotions, leading to brand growth and increased sales. Colors affect people’s behavior differently, however. So it’s essential that you learn the colors most suitable for use in a website, depending on the nature of the business. Here are some […]

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How Can You Effectively Redesign Your E-commerce Site?

Your e-commerce website may already be showing signs of underperforming and loss of traffic. It might be time to redesign it to improve performance, generate clicks and convert at a higher rate. Experts on small business web design and development cite the following ways you can redesign your e-commerce website. Pay Attention to the Return […]

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Is Your E-Commerce Business Using the Right Marketing Strategy?

The growing popularity of online shopping makes it a prerequisite for retail companies to invest more in digital marketing, or risk being left behind by their competition. Whether you do business in New York City or Denver, AdWords and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are just some of the many strategies that you should consider for your […]

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Why Your Small to Medium Business Needs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the term used for all marketing efforts that happen online. Businesses are using all forms of media to the fullest. All social media, search engines, email, and websites are ways you can connect with customers, partners, and even influencers. Recent studies reveal that people are now spending most of their time online, […]

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Websites That Inspire: Ideas from the Best

With so much to see, hear, and experience on the Web today, it’s a challenge for one website to stand out. If you have a business, project, or undertaking that needs to reach a wide audience and make a positive impact, a great website is an important thing to have. Minnesota web design companies have […]

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Invest in Video to Enjoy Premium Business Returns

You have probably heard or read more marketing experts urging entrepreneurs to use video production, and they have solid reasons for their argument. Video production will most likely shape the marketing world in 2018. You can also succeed in doing business if you create videos as well. Here’s why you should consider working with a company […]

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How You Should Be Handling Your SEO Partnership

When you’re working with an SEO agency, you’re eager to see results. They’ll give you a rough time frame of when you’ll start to see ranking changes. It’s all fun and exciting. You cannot wait, and every minute seems to count. The thing is, SEO rankings depend on several things. Your partner is not just […]

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VR, AR, and AI Shape the Future of Content Marketing

Instagram stories, online celebrities, and short infinite looping videos – these are only some of the trends that companies have adopted in their marketing strategies. The innovations do not stop there, with current inventions already making their mark as future elements of content marketing. Turning Virtual Reality into a Reality Virtual reality (VR) has gone […]