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Business Marketing Using a Local and Blended Strategy

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Online MarketingSalt Lake City is a hub for all sorts of businesses. They have a thriving market, and technology is deeply ingrained in certain aspects. A wise business owner would take advantage of the local talent pool and the robust market to boost sales.

But is that easier said than done? It can be manageable if you do the following:

Market Locally

Experts at SEO Werkz note that local SEO is your best friend, especially because most of your immediate customers will be from the local neighborhood. When choosing keywords to rank for and deciding on marketing strategies to implement, think about what would benefit the local community and what addresses their immediate needs. Partnering with local businesses also help put your brand out there.

Hire Local Talent

You’re helping the local economy by giving jobs to those who live in the vicinity. It also helps improve the work environment in the workplace, as people who do not feel stressed because of the long commute may stay longer with the company. It’s one of the non-monetary perks that employees consider valuable. You’re also presenting yourself as a favorable ally to the local government, which may help with tax breaks.

Use Online and Offline Strategies

Online strategies are a must these days, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon traditional marketing tactics. If you have a physical store, you will still find a lot of use in fliers, brochures, and store-front signs. Digital billboards also make your business recognizable to new clients. Fleet vehicles also draw attention to your brand even while target customers are stuck in traffic. If you have a purely-online business, on the other hand, offline strategies introduce you to those who haven’t encountered your online shop yet.

For your business to thrive, you’ll want to draw attention to it. And in an easily distracted society, that attention will come from everywhere, so don’t limit yourself to one marketing strategy.