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Live Streaming: A Personal Touch to Marketing

Live streaming used to be only an extra marketing edge for companies. But after seeing the massive turnout of YouTube’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) stream in 2016, companies want to extend their video marketing with live streaming. No Cuts Enhance Brand Transparency Accessibility What marketers like about live streaming is that people who do not […]

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Millennials Are Driving Digital Video Marketing into a $135B Industry in the US, Study Finds

The future of the digital video marketing industry is sitting on $135 billion in the United States alone, according to a study by mobile video platform Magisto. The study’s $135 billion estimate includes expenditures on production, hosting, distribution, analytics, and staffing. Magisto attributes this report to the shift in communication with the rising usage of […]

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VR, AR, and AI Shape the Future of Content Marketing

Instagram stories, online celebrities, and short infinite looping videos – these are only some of the trends that companies have adopted in their marketing strategies. The innovations do not stop there, with current inventions already making their mark as future elements of content marketing. Turning Virtual Reality into a Reality Virtual reality (VR) has gone […]