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An Artist’s Essential List for Reaching Out to Art Buyers

  • By David Page 
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Painter painting a masterpieceThey say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what if there are no eyes upon your work, as an artist? Regardless of how you feel about this philosophical argument, the fact remains that no artist will thrive without their peers and supporters.

Here are some ways to build your audience (and client) base:

Be Consistent

If you have a growing fan base of people who admire, buy and trade your work, you have to keep them happy. Your actions online represent your work and are a reflection of you as an artist, as well; so, consistency is key. Provide your audience with content that adds value to them as lovers of art. Schedule your posts and give frequent updates on works in progress. Make a specific day just for posting new work and another day for promoting older work that hasn’t been sold yet. Most importantly, invest in web development to boost your small business. A good website – one that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing – will also boost and be consistent with your identity as an artist.

Interact With Your Patrons

Fans like to chat with the creator of the art they purchase. They’re interested to learn about your process. They would want you to respond in a timely and friendly manner, so make an effort to reply to as many people as you can online. If there’s an opportunity for you to be there to meet and greet your patrons or to make new ones, don’t miss out on the chance. You can effectively do this, online – on your website or any of your social media accounts.

Reward Their Loyalty

While you’re very thankful for every purchase made by your patrons, there are certain people who deserve a little more thanks because of special efforts they make. You may want to recognise and reward the highest bidder, the patron who purchased the most items or gave you the most number of referrals. Free paintings, raffles and other exciting gimmicks are all good ways to reward your most loyal customers and followers.

When you have a steady following that continues to grow, it means you’re doing something that’s worth watching. It also means you have to take care of those who are with presently with you and those who plan to stay. Let them know that you care about their patronage and you’ll have your numbers growing.