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3 Top Tips for Minimalist Social Media Marketing

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open windows tabs of social media pagesWith the influx of information and the Internet, marketing agencies from all over the world — New York, Utah, London, and everywhere else — have followed an extraordinarily complex approach with countless strategies, systems, forces, and algorithms. Nowhere such approach is more visible than social media. However, one should understand that social media marketing merely creates awareness, but it does not necessarily translate to sales.

Cut back on your social media and take a more minimalist approach, so you can spend more time on activities that directly drive sales and give your business long-term benefits.

Be smart in your choice of channels

There’s no rule that says your business has to have a page or account on all social media platforms out there. Be strategic and choose the channels that resonate best with your target audience instead. Assess your current accounts and keep those that have a high level of engagement and followers. Take into account the amount of traffic that each channel gets, as well. Focus on the quality of your posts and not just on the number of channels you have.

Content is king

Cut back on the amount of time you spend on social media, and make content your number one priority. Make sure that each and every one of your post targets the audience you want. The only way to do that is to make sure you research the buyer persona of your audience. This way, you will know what your customers want and don’t want, which can translate into focused and highly specific content.

Automate and delegate

Make things easier by using available tools that will help you automate content sharing. There’s no need for you to go through the hassles of logging into each account when there are tools like Hootsuite that can help you do it more efficiently. Plan posts in advance, so you can easily automate content sharing. An alternative to using tools is hiring a freelancer who can do routine tasks like posting an image and caption creation. Save time and be more efficient.

Social media is, of course, an effective way to market your business. However, you shouldn’t overdo it. This is where a minimalist approach comes in.