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3 Primary Features of Minimalist Website Design

web designRegardless of the stage of growth and size of your business, there’s one website design style that will always work for you. This is the minimalist design. It centers on minimizing distractions that might divert your visitors from the overall message on your site. This, in turn, boosts your conversion rates and returns.

Though putting together a minimalist website design sounds simple, it isn’t. Therefore, it necessitates the expertise of a web design and development company from Chester County, PA, such as ChescoWeb, LLC. The experts will focus on several primary elements that form the foundation of your site. Here are these elements:

Negative Space

This element isn’t just a blank space but rather a white, black, full-colored or dark-colored background. Regardless of the color, the negative area typically features one cool shade in the background. It manipulates your website visitors’ visual angle and attracts their concentration to those objects enclosed by your negative space.

Large, Vivid Photographs

Oversized photos are used for insertion of a soothing familiarity without overpowering your site’s foreground. This element enables visitors to foster an emotional connection to your website while it retains its minimalist design. The photos should be professional and complement the design with enough negative spaces, empty white walls or expansive skies.

Dramatic Typography

No website can be complete with no words. The perfect option for minimalist design is sharp and beautiful or sometimes customized typography. The dramatic typography created will help to boost focus on the site’s content while generating an interesting visual. Bold letters and stimulating letter forms with thick strokes are the leading choices in minimalist designs.

Creating cohesion between these factors is the primary factor in ensuring the minimalist design works for your website. When properly designed and balanced, a minimalist design will also boost your search engine position.